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Graphskill@Home - A Sneak Preview!

You have probably seen by the banner on the front page that Graphskill are expanding. We are developing a new website called "Graphskill @ Home"

It is not ready for release just yet, but we thought a sneak preview may be in order to whet your appetite.

Graphskill@Home is about using some of the products we already manufacture / supply in a new way. For example our 'S' hooks might be fabulous for hanging things around the house, or the saddle clamps could be used to create a bike locking station on the side of your garage.

But we will also create brand new designs specific for Graphskill@Home

These new ways of doing things and new concepts are devised by Martin and Elaine as they potter around the house and garden. And they are brought to life by the fabulous skills of our very own Liam who is fabulous at bringing photos and images life.

So the sneak preview is this fabulous new Wren Silouette for the house or garden. As you can see from the photo gallery Liam has really captured the essense of what they are far more than mere words could.


We are still working on the finer details of where these will be available for sale, but just for now you could have a look at our Ebay listing:


Wren Silouette 

Wren Silouette

Wren Silouette

Wren Silouette

Posted on 20/11/20 News 0 57

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