Galvanised Mild Steel Munsen type bossed pipe Pipe clip M10 boss for 50 NB Pipe (OD 61 mm)


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Galvanised Mild Steel Munsen type bossed pipe Pipe clip M10 boss for 50 NB Pipe (OD 61 mm)

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Description & Dimensions
Galvanised Mild Steel Munsen type bossed pipe Pipe clip M10 boss for 50 NB Pipe (OD 61 mm)
For Pipe Outside Diameter = 61  mm
hole diameter 'd'= 12mm
hole center to edge 'G'= 20mm
Material width 'W'= 40mm
material thickness 'T'= 5 mm
Gap 'R'= 10 mm
NB= 50
D= 61 mm
P= 125 mm
Supplied with 2 - M10*50 galvanised steel sets scews, full nuts and lock nuts
Galvanised Mild Steel
Clip Strip:
Product: Extrusions, Seals & Sheeting
Material: Silicone Rubber
Material Analysis
Material Grade: railway Grade Silicone 80sh
Postcured for minimum 4 hours at 200C
Shore A : 75 - 85
Tensile N/mm2 : 8.5 - 13
Elongation % : 300 - 600
Tear B N/mm : 18 - 30
Specific Gravity : 1.2 - 1.3
Standard Grade Min / Max constant working temperature : -40 to +200 C
BS6853 Specification
Smoke Density m2/g : 0.005
Flammability Temperature Index C : 352
Toxic Flame Emission R : 0.12
Dielectric Strength (2 mm thickness), KV/mm approx : 24
Dielectric Constant at 1Mhz Approx : 1.2 10(-3)
Dissipation factor at 1 MKz approx: 3.7 10(16)
Transversal Resistivity approx
Strike-over voltage KV Approx : 48
Data sheet
Material Galvanised
Pipe OD 61
Pipe Nominal Bore 50
Product Type Munsen Ring - Bossed Pipe Clip
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