Do your prices include VAT?

As a UK based VAT registered company we charge VAT on all our products. However within the VAT guidelines:

  • For all UK customers VAT at the current rate will be charged. VAT registered companies can download the invoice and reclaim the VAT in the usual way. There is no need to add your VAT number for this
  • For EU customers, we charge VAT at the current UK rate. EU businesses with a valid EU VAT registration number can enter that number in their account address, VAT will then NOT be charged. Enter the VAT number when you add your address. YOU MUST ADD YOUR COMPANY NAME FIRST to see the VAT box
  • No VAT is charged for the rest of the world

Please note that the price you see initially may include the VAT tax. This is because the website cannot know your location and tax situation until you log in and add your address. The VAT will be amended to the correct price following the above rules during the checkout process - before you need to commit so you still get the opportunity to cancel. 

Please be aware that UK based companies do not need to add their VAT number. EU companies wishing to purchase "VAT Free" will need to add their VAT number. Adding the VAT number is only active AFTER you have added the company name.

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Quantity Based Discounts are applied automatically at the checkout and apply on a per line basis

Minimum QuantityDiscount Level 
50 10%
80 15%
100 20%
200 25%
500 30%
1000 35%
2000 40%