I have forgotten my password - what do I do?

We can change your password manually, but we have to be 100% certain the account is yours. So it is best, and easy, if you do this your self.

At the top right hand side of the website you will see the "Login" link- Click it, then click the blue "Already registered?" button On the pop up window you will see the "Forgot your Password" link, at the bottom right hand side - click it

Now enter your email address and click the "Retrieve Password" link, and you will get this message on screen : A confirmation email has been sent to your address: blah@blah.com

Check your email system. The mail should arrive within a few minutes. If it does not then please do check you spam / junk mail systems

The email you receive will ask you to click a link. Do that and you will receive a new message on screen saying: Your password has been successfully reset and a confirmation has been sent to your email address: blah@blah.com

Now, go back and check your emails and you will find your new password to use to log in to the site. I would then suggest after logging in that you manually change your password in your account to one more suitable to you

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