What is a hot formed weldless eyenut?

What is a hot formed weldless eyenut?

Eye nuts (eyenuts) are fasteners with a looped head. They are primarily round or oval like these:


They are designed to receive a hook or rope. Sometimes the nuts are load rated which means they have been tested for their strength in vertical lifting. Eye nuts that are not load-rated are designed for use with tie-downs and guiding wires. 

Graphskill manufactures a third style - the Hot Formed Weldless Eyenut. 

Hot Formed Weldless Eyenut Hot Formed Weldless Eyenut

This unique design is manufactured from a solid round bar which is then heated to allow the end to be flattened and the hole punched and therefore removes potential 'weld' weak spots.

Because of the flattened end, these are ideally suited to a hanger style pipe support, using a 3 bolt pipe clip. 3 bolt pipe clips would often be used where the pipe is perhaps insulated so that the hanger rod would be outside of the insulation

A 3 bolt pipe clip:

3 bolt pipe clip

 As you can see from this stylized schematic of a 3-bolt pipe clip, the 'hanger rod' just seems to be there... 

3 bolt pipe clip

.. but in reality, you have a weldless eyenut there that the bolt goes through to fasten to the 3 bolt pipe clip, and then a length of studding is screwed into the top of the eyenut - like this:

Pipe Hanger  Pipe Hanger

Pipe Hanger Close up

Graphskill manufacture a range of these hot-formed weldless eyenuts but non - standards can also be manufactured

Our standards are:

Hot formed weldless eyenut drawing

All dimenSions in mm with a manufacturing tolerance of 1 / - 1mm

Thread Size B C D E F G R P
M6 18 25 10 6 45 13 15 13
M8 18 25 12 6 45 13 15 13
M10 22 30 14 8 55 16 18 16
M12 25 30 18 10 60 18 20 18
M16 30 35 22 12 65 22 24 22
M20 35 40 26 15 75 24 27 24
M24 45 45 30 18 95 30 35 30
M30 50 54 36 22 110 34 40 35

We can also manufacture bespoke and left-hand thread styles

View our range of Hot Formed Weldless Eyenuts : HERE

Contact us now to discuss your requirements: Contact Us

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